The pool is now open. See the Pool Calendar for the daily schedule and when the lifeguard will be on duty. The pool is "swim at your own risk" at other times.

The Cherokee County Marshal’s office has changed their interpretation of the Muni Code and will be enforcing No Solicitation in communities with “common” signage. Homeowners can either call Sixes Management Group to report Solicitation issues, or they can call the Marshal’s office directly.

The HOA asks that you do not post flyers on street signs in the community.  The tape will pull off the paint from the poles, which were just painted this summer.  Please use the Towne Lake Hills South Facebook page to post lost or found pets

Optimist Club & Boy Scouts Team up for Avenue of Flags

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   The Towne Lake Optimist Club’s Avenue of Flags program has been well accepted in the TLHS community, for three reasons I believe. It helps beautify the neighborhoods, express appreciation of the U. S. flag and what it stands for, and helps the Optimists help the children of Cherokee County using flag-service subscription fees. We now have almost 100 subscriptions in TLHS. And we thank you, the board, and Douglas Property Management for your support.
To help us continue to grow the program we have solicited assistance from other organizations that focus on assisting the youth. We are in discussion with Troop 6410 of the Boy Scouts of America to provide at least one Flag Team composed of Boy Scouts and their leaders, to place and retrieve the flags.  At least two of the boys in the Troop live in TLHS. We will contribute a portion of our fees to the Troop. So the Avenue of Flags program in TLHS will be a fundraiser for the Optimist Club and the Boy Scout Troop by Veterans Day, assuming we finalize plans by then.
I will remain the Optimists’ coordinator for TLHS. The Optimists will continue to solicit subscriptions and will collect the fees. And the Scouts’ Flag Team will hand out Optimist Club literature to homeowners who might ask about the Program while they are placing or receiving flags. The Troop’s transport vehicle will display a magnetic identification sign.
We look forward to finalizing plans with the troop. And hearing from you about any comments you or others dealing with HOA management might have.  Please pass this along to the others.

Thank you.

Roger Carter

2002 Township Drive, Woodstock

Member, TLHS Home Owners Association

Member, Towne Lake Optimist Club

Public Notice of TLHS Board Meeting

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Board meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the offices of Sixes Management. They are located at 1007 Towne Lake Hills E, Woodstock, GA 30189.

Traffic Violations

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Let's try to remember that this is a community of homes and in those homes are families including children.  None of us like the fact that at times our children will run out into the street for a variety of reasons - none of which really matter.  What matters is that they don't get hit while they are in the middle of doing something that isn't smart.  Some of the things that can contribute to hitting someone in the street (child or adult) are;
1. Not making complete stops at stop signs
2. Speeding (the speed limit in the neighborhood is 30 MPH) Will doing 45 get you home that much faster?
3. Parking your car on the street.  In some areas it is very difficult to see around a car, especially at the top of a hill.  It is against our covenants to park on the streets, please use the driveways whenever possible.

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